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What is your opinion of the food and beverage products that you consume?

What is the rating of the other users?

Rate and see other reviews in the RateMate app.


WHY RateMate?

Because your opinion matters!

Join the free, unified platform where you can share opinions, leave reviews, rate the quality & price of food & beverage products. It’s free and it’s made specially for YOU.

With RateMate you can also:

- Explore the Product Descriptions and Nutrition data that will help you choose the best product, find allergens or other ingredients that you are intolerant to or that you simply wish to avoid.

- Make easily and quickly Shopping lists that will help you be more organized in your grocery shopping, keep track of what you have bought and what you run out of. You can name your lists and organize them in topics or categories.


A very useful and necessary app for the customers who always wandering around in the shops in search for the right product. It is way better than the pushy and intrusive commercials!


Very helpful, useful and super user friendly! Love it!


RateMate helped me find my way in the sea of products, which the market is overflown with. I tried new products based on other people’s rate in the app and I am quite happy about that.


RateMate is a real friend in picking the best products. It is always by my side when I am doing my shopping. I also like the fact that I can help someone with my rating too.


The Shopping list function is incredible! It is so much easier to organize my weekly shopping. And I can even share the list with my partner.